Little Paws Whistling Dixie @ B4

11in 12lbs

clear panel except MDR1

ASDR level 1 Champion

ICKC Intercontinental Senior Puppy Champion

Dixie is one girl you can't help but love.   Although she is small,  she has a huge infectious personality.   She has produced some amazing babies and often throws her thick bone and body on her pups.   We are so happy to have her as part of the family here at B4.

Cha cha

Double M's Cha Cha @ B4

13in 15lbs

ASDR Elite Champion

Full panel clear

Cha Cha has the biggest brown eyes that will melt your heart.  She has a very laid back temperament and always wants to please.   She has excelled in the show ring because of her great movement and bone for a toy.   We are excited for her first litter.  


" CH2 ITCJrCH Double M's Cherry Bomb"


10.5" 9.5lbs

ASDR Champion

ICKC Intercontinental Jr Champion

Cherry is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever be around.  She doesn't know a stranger and loves to be held.   She had a successful show career as a young dog. Although she is small, she has great bone and body for a dog her size.   We are very excited to see what she produces!     


CH.Flying H She's a Little Heifer

13.5 in 13lbs

ASDR Champion

ICKC Intercontinental puppy champion

Heifer is a new girl at the ranch.  She has great bone and strong movement in the show ring.  She has done very well at recent shows, and we are excited to see what else this girl can do!  With her high energy and playful nature..... she would excel in agility.   


Tinker Toys Loaded Pistol


12inches 12.5 lbs

ICKC International Champ

ASDR Level 2 Champ

Full Panel Clear through Pawprint genetics.

Pistol is such a kind natured dog. She is my daily sidekick when I'm outside doing chores. She is a great mover and very correct in her build. She has good bone for a dog her size. Pistol is an awesome mother to her pups and good with my two young kids. I am very excited about her future litters and plan on showing her this spring.


B4 Too Small Oreo

10 in 7.5 lbs

ASDR Level 2 Champ

ICKC Intercontinental Champ

Full Panel Clear

Oreo is a young dog that I just started showing.  She has a huge personality in a tiny package.  Her full coat and real deep copper makes her a show stopper.  I am very excited about her show career as well as what she will offer our program!

Heading 1


B4 Sheos Blue Suede

                                                   B4 Shoe's Blue Suede

                                                       11in 9.5 lbs

                                                     ASDR Champion

Suede is a small beautiful blue eyed tri and the dam to one of our up and coming boys "Buckaroo".    She was shown quite a bit as a puppy and did well.   She is a very playful dog and rarely knows a stranger.   Her first litter was very boldly marked and all inherited her outgoing personality. 


Heading 1


                                      Gravatt's Lil Cowgirl Bandit @ Double M

                                                       10in 5.5 lbs

                                                     ASDR Champion

                                                     Full Panel Clear

Cowgirl is the smallest aussie on the ranch.   She wickets only 10 inches!  You wouldn't know she was little by her personality!  She rarely knows a stranger and loves to be held and cuddled.  You will often find her playing with the kids or following me around as i do my chores.   We are excited for her future here at B4!



Heading 1

                                      Double M's Way out Westie @ B4

                                                       10.5in 10 lbs

                                                     ASDR Champion

                                                     MDR1 Carrier

Westie is a very striking small toy.  With her big blue eyes and full coat she is one that always gets noticed.   She wickets only 10.5 inches tall but has a lot of body and bone for a smaller toy.  She gets along with everyone and loves her playtime outside.   She has done well as a puppy in the show ring and we will continue to show her this year. 


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